A new look for Facebook Pages


It’s been a while that Facebook is quietly testing the new layout for Facebook Pages that has been rolled out to few users. Well, this Morning we too noticed that change and are sceptical about the new layout.

The changes are still not visible to all users and there has been no official confirmation from Facebook on when it will be rolled for all users. Here is what Facebook pages will look like:


New Layout of Facebook Page

The new layout of Facebook Page has Display Image on the top Left with almost same size. Below the dp you will see the name of the page along with the Tabs. The new design gives more space and makes it more visible.

Cover Image

The cover image in the new layout looks bigger in height as compared to the previous cover image but there is no change in the size of the cover image.

New location for Buttons & Tabs
The Like, Share and Message Buttons are moved below the cover image in the new layout. Whereas in the previous layout, it was displayed on the cover image. Similarly, the tabs are aligned to the left of the page.

So do let us know if you got the new look for Facebook Pages. 😉

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