YouTube introduces 360 live streaming

YouTube recently began supporting the revolutionary 360-degree live streaming on its platform. One of the first videos to take advantage of this more immersive format was this year’s live stream from the music event- Coachella, where select performances from the festival were live streamed in 360 degrees.

blog_feature_360With this announcement, YouTube became the first to launch 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio.

Spatial audio is basically playing sounds the same way people actually hear in real world. As Neal Mohan, Chief Product Officer for YouTube explains, it’s about letting you listen as you do in real life — “where depth, distance and intensity all play a role.”

Although, spatial audio is only available for on-demand videos, not live videos. The feature is also limited to Android smartphones when used with headphones.

Meanwhile, from the end-user perspective, there’s no extra technology or headsets required to watch 360-degree live streams — they’re available on any device, including desktop, tablet, iOS or Android but not on the browser Safari.


To evolve support for both 360 live streams and spatial audio, YouTube has been working with camera and software vendors, including VideoStitch, Two Big Ears, ALLie, Vahana VR and Orah 4i.

Also, YouTube open ups its “Live API,” which will allow any camera manufacturer interested in 360, the ability to use YouTube’s Live Streaming API to send 360-degree live streams to the service. So, how YouTube plans to support the different manufacturers and solutions on the market today?

Of course, not all video creators who want to experiment with either 360-degree live streaming or spatial audio can afford to invest in their own equipment. And that is why YouTube says creators will be able to try these new technologies at YouTube Space locations, where creators can produce content, learn new skills and collaborate with others in their local video communities.

YouTube’s 360-degree live streaming and spatial audio will be available at all its Space locations worldwide.

That been said, it is indeed an amazing step forward in the world of how we know videos today.

Here’s an example of 360 video:

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